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Boat wrap


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Wrapping your boat makes it stand out. Form A Sign has over 20 years experience in fishing and boating. We understand the harsh marine environment, and as such we choose only the best marine grade vinyls and laminates. All materials used on boat signage are marine grade quality, and are proven and resistant to the extreme conditions of water and sand abrasion. The special marine grade material we use, will ensure your print will not fade, peel nor crack for many years. We always select high quality vinyl, knowing the reason our customers prefer us is because they know they will be satisfied with the result. Whether you are after registration stickers, a boat name or a full body wrap, Form A Sign are experienced in both designing and installing boat signage that will impress. We only offer a quality product, with a high level of customer service and fast turn-around.

Key industry fishing industry personalities and charter operators all use Form A Sign to wrap their boats. Our boat wraps have been seen on many Channel 31 and 10HD fishing shows.

Grady White Printed Boat Wrap

Boat Wrap Advantages

Protect your boat hull

Apart from looking fantastic, boat wraps have several advantages in looking after your pride and joy. A boat is often an expensive asset and needs to be protected from the harsh marine environment. A wrap will protect the hull from small scrapes and bumps that might happen at a boat ramp, or scrapes from tree branches when parking at home or in a caravan park.

Easier to clean

The biggest advantage most boat owners with boat wraps tell us is that the boat is so much easier to clean, saving time at the end of a great boating day out. As the 3M 8518 over laminate has such a high gloss, and such small pigmentation, salt, fishing or bait residue seems to slide right off with only a light soap and hose off. For heavier cleaning and polishing Plexus plastic cleaner will bring the surface back as good as new. The results will amaze you.

Reduce theft

At Form A Sign we believe a boat wrap will reduce possible incidents of theft when your boat is left unattended at boat ramp, garage, car park or caravan park. Your boat will stand out in a crowd so will be easily identifiable, thus making public attention drawn to any suspect behavior.

Increase resale value

The right looking boat wrap will actually increase your boat potential resale value should you decide to upgrade or change your boat, sometimes by many $1000’s. We have had experience in wrapping many older models of boats, either fiber glass or aluminum, and the right wrap takes years off their appearance, broadening your potential market of buyers. A new boat wrap makes an older hull look fresh, bright and appealing. Equally the right boat wrap makes a newer model look fresh and enviable to all your friends and family.

How long will my Boat Wrap Last?

We guarantee your laminated boat wrap will not noticeably fade due to UV conditions in line with 3M’s warranty. Form A Sign only use the industry leading industry vinyl films and laminates to ensure your wrap longevity. We use 3M 180MC with 3M 8518 overlaminate. Your boat hull is professionally cleaned, and prepared with 3M Primer 94 Edge sealer to maximize adhesion of your wrap. With good maintenance and correct cleaning, your quality 3M wrap will last for many years.

Will the vinyl edges come off?

Form A Sign only use the best edge sealing products available on the market to ensure you are happy with the result long term. Using 3M edge sealers will ensure any edges will adhere to your boat against waves and propulsion within either salt or fresh water.

How do I care for my boat wrap?

Form A Sign recommend you wash your boat with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Do not allow the soap to dry. For stubborn stains use PLEXUS, a US plastic polish and cleaner, available in spray cans from CH Smith. You will also get great results using Plexus to clean your clears on your boat.

How Long does it take to Wrap a Boat?

Once a design is decided upon and manufactured, boats under 12 meters in size can usually be wrapped within 1 day by a team of our trained boat wrap professionals. No matter what your watercraft is, whether it’s a small boat or tinny or a large boat, a cruise ship, a jet ski or a house boat, we can customise a wrap for you. We can wrap anything from a recreational fisherman’s hobby boat to large commercial boats, for example in 2015 we updated the signs on The New Spirit of Tasmania. We have experience wrapping all types of watercraft.

Where can you wrap my Boat?

If you are located near Melbourne, boat wraps are usually installed at our factory in Mulgrave, which is easily accessibly off the Eastlink and Monash freeways. We have qualified and professional installers in Brisbane, North QLD, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, South Australia, NT, Darwin, Tasmania, and NSW.

Can I get a Boat Wrap Kit to install myself?

Yes, we ship wrap kits around Australia, and worldwide every week. These Boat Wrap kits are provided with 3M Edge sealer and 3M Primer 94. Boat wrapping is a specialised skill, so we do recommend you use a local expert installer. This will ensure you have a smooth high quality wrap without tears, crinkles, bubbles or cuts.

What’s the cost difference from Wrapping to Painting my Boat Hull?

Typically to paint the exterior of an 6 meter aluminum or fiberglass boat in Jotun Imperite 300 Marine coating, including hull preparation would cost about $6000+ GST. To professionally wrap your hull exterior professionally with the latest high quality industry films is about half this cost, depending on the designs chosen.

Can you repair damaged wraps?

Yes, digital designs can be re-printed to patch any damage that may have accidentally occurred by running into a pier or tree. We recommend the use of bollards at boat wraps to protect your wrap.

How do I get my boat wrapped?

To provide an accurate quote we need to know the type and size of your boat, and if you are wrapping just the hull, or including the gunwales and transom. We also need to know if you are after a plain colour wrap, or a printed wrap. Then we need to know if you have a design in mind, or if you are after one of our standard Stock wraps, or a customized wrap just for you. Usually boat names can be added to Form A Sign’s Stock Wraps at no additional charge. We will also require your Boat Registration numbers. By providing us with a photo of your boat, you will be able to see what the wrap will look like on your actual boat prior to manufacture. Form A Sign will provide you with a digital proof of your design.
If you’re looking for the best boat wrap, in terms of quality, material, installation, design and longevity in the harsh marine environment, contact us today for a quote.